Janet Herman and her thread paintings

My textile art images incorporate my love of natural surroundings and come from my own photography. Others, from life concepts.

My hands hold a paint brush; dabbing, swiping.
My mind explores light and shadow,
images and emotions.
My hands hold the fabric; twisting and turning.
My foot is on the pedal, driving a fine tuned engine
laying roadways of thread to tell my story.

Photography is my amusement.
Painting is my heart.
Thread is my soul.

Janet’s textile art is free motion embroidery using a simple sewing machine–her Babylock. It is free motion because she draws the image using the flow of the painted image to guide her. Following that, layers of fabric are added to the back of the fabric painting and thread painted image. She builds texture, contours and valleys with dense thread painting through all layers of fabric using embroidery thread. There is no image programming involved. 

Each finished textile art is unique and cannot be reproduced. Sizes range from small 5×7 images to 20×24 landscapes. Originals are framed using conservation techniques. Photographic reproductions of the originals are available on some works in my Shop.

About Janet

Now a word or two about Janet. Her background is varied but always behind her many careers is her love of creative work and sewing whether garments or decor; and her love of photographing nature.

When she found and fell in love with watercolor painting
it just seemed natural to put it all together.

Contact: via email at Jan@JanetHermanArt.com, located Polk City, Florida. 

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