All the Little Birdies Thread Painted

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New art coming up includes all the little birdies thread painted, that I will show in progress.

Photo one shows a group of birdies with just the water color background painted. Photo two shows the same group with just the birds thread painted. The finished images, framed in my standard frames, will be available at the Mayfaire Art Show in Lakeland on May 12 and 13; and any remaining works, at the Blairsville, GA art show on Memorial Day weekend which ends my season.

These new little birds are finished and framed in my standard rustic frames. I some linked to my shop, if you are interested in seeing them finished: Red Cardinal, Cardinal Nester, Little Pink Finch, White Cap Sparrow, Scrub Jay.

I am also introducing three special images thread painted on black canvas. I worked hard to get these done for the Mother’s Day show in Lakeland. They are Great Egret: Poise & Patience, Snowy Egret and Falling Feather all thread painted in whites, silvers and golds and framed in elaborate gilt frames with Museum Glass. Shown is Great Egret: Poise & Patience. Others are in my online portfolio.

photo egret art in gilt frame

Great Egret on black canvas. 8×10 art in 8×10 gilt frame. SOLD

The elaborate gilt frames are very special: I bought them from a man renovating an historic hotel in Fairplay, Colorado. He decided not to use them and we made a deal which I am extending to you.

Finally, I am introducing three nature scenes in my standard rustic frames: Goose Crossing features two geese trying to cross a roaring creek.  Lake Waves is inspired by a photo I captured of bright green weeds along a lakeshore. Finally, Eagle View: my sketch of an eagle overseeing the horizon. These works can be seen framed in my portfolio section/birds

It has been a busy April in the Art Department at Jan’s house. Oh, I wish I had a bigger “studio.”

After the Mayfaire show in Lakeland, I will be on the way to north Georgia mountains for a hiking, biking and photo taking break and that art show in Blairsville.

If you read this far in my post, I want to express my sincere gratitude. I wish I knew if you are shopping for art, looking for art inspiration or other. As “bloggist amateur,” any feedback is welcome.  Thanks, Jan

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