Atlantic exposure in fall art show events

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The winter season for Janet Herman’s textile art began with Atlantic exposure in fall art show events at Daytona Beach, St. Augustine and Vero Beach in November and December.  This is only season three for me. I am still learning about art shows, art show patrons and explaining the “why” of my brand of textile art.

What I have learned this fall at the 3 new shows I participated in:

  • I need to upgrade to a better tent to withstand more severe weather along the coastal waters.
  • When it comes to original art, people buy what they connect with; both art and artist. When at the show, forget about everything else and focus on the people who honor me with their attention.
  • Tourist areas are not necessarily a selling opportunity for original art. There could be sensory overload in all the shops they browse through before coming to an art event. Are they there to appreciate original art or is this just another form of entertainment to pass the time.
  • In my art tent I hang an artist statement and photo of me sewing my art. It is not enough for those that don’t understand “free motion sewing” and quilting. I know patrons who do not sew are confused by my work. It is up to me to do a  better job of presenting a visual explanation of how and why I do what I do.

Halifax at Daytona Beach, FL – November 4th and 5th 2018

It was a pleasure to meet Regina who purchased the “Yellow Crown Night Heron” for her home. She explained she sees these birds often in the Ormond Beach area.

Yellow Crown Night Heron by Janet Herman, framed.

Yellow Crown Night Heron by Janet Herman, SOLD

Three other original pieces went to new homes: “Snowy Owl Feather on black canvas” and “Eurasian Jay Feather.” This was the first showing of those two pieces. All I have is a quick snapshot and they are now gone.  “Pastel Flight” was presented in a new gold leaf frame and sold also.

The other Fall Shows

On Thanksgiving weekend (Nov. 23-24) I participated in the art festival in St. Augustine, Florida. This was a first event for me in St. A. It was also the first time I used an AirBnb for lodging as it was a 3 hour drive from home. I met some nice people and some not so nice people. I had good weather and bad weather (the roof leaked at our lodgings). Fortunately, there are enough quilters among the attendees so that I did not go unnoticed. I did sell an important piece from my southwest collection; “Mountain Trail” to a lovely couple from St. Augustine.

On December 8-9th I participated in the Vero Beach Arts & Crafts event at Riverside Park. The surroundings and location are lovely. However, attendance was light.

It’s not just about the stitches

I had the pleasure of finally meeting the two silk artists who were at this event. The Chinese gentleman from Toronto demonstrates his skill in his booth. His work is amazing. The other couple were further away and I did not have the opportunity to visit with them.  Silk art is very intense hand embroidery with a smooth looking finish. Even up close it is hard to tell it is not painted.

My artwork, with my own textile art techniques, are an ends to a means in expressing my ideas. It was hard to explain to those who were trying to compare their hand stitching with silk to what I do. I tried to explain, “it is about the content of the art, theirs and mine, and not only about how it is made.” I may have succeeded with a few.

Introducing “Fins & Feathers”

I have had the idea to make colorful fish with a quilted background of sea color and eagle feathers with a quilted speckled sand background. This new series of “fins and feathers” are in 5×10 inch chunky wood frames. To make sure they are bright, I have not glazed them. Instead, I found a fabric spray with UV protection. For everyone whose walls are (almost) full, these are tiny and colorful textile art to tuck in small spots.

 Textile art reproductions

If you have been to my website before you know I photograph my original textile art and create reproductions on my computer that are printed out in my studio. I do the best I can to make them true to the original but, of course, they are lacking the depth that only presents itself in an original textile art piece. In November more than the usual number of these reproductions were purchased. I really appreciate that people are interested because it tells me they like the content and color of the art even without the texture and depth of fabric and thread.

Finally, I am done. This post is very late in coming.

I have updated my show line up for 2019

In a FUTURE POST I plan to present my new wildflower series in gold leaf frames.

Janet Herman

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