Cedar Key Review

Posted by Jan Herman on April 25, 2018 in Art Show Reviews | 2 Comments

Welcome, if you just signed up to receive my newsletter. This newsletter follows the art show at Cedar Key, Florida. This was the Old Florida Arts Festival held every year in north Florida the last weekend of March.

Summarizing briefly, for those of you that “do” art shows (selling or shopping): Cedar Key is a big event bringing thousands of people from Gainesville, north and south. It also brings vacationers staying in shoreside condos. Local residents, both year-round and seasonal would be somewhat limited in this small town which is a far stretch from the nearest city.

The art community is viable and there are even a couple galleries tucked into the quaint few blocks of the town area. Parking is an issue. Because I was at my booth all day for two days, I did not get out to see where all these people managed to park. There are several restaurants, especially Tony’s as well as local groups selling food at the art show.

As far as sales: Original pieces I sold (three flowers and my last two feathers) were small, and gifts that visitors would take back north. Below are three of those sold at Cedar Key.

Of the purchased art pieces I saw being carried by, I noticed a few large pictures of fish. I have been asked about doing paintings of fish but just haven’t talked myself into it. I have a hard time imaging fuzzy or fluffy fish, or a manatee covered with thread.

If you are an art shopper, this show has a lot to see. I took a lap around to see who was there. I did see some artists from Lake Wales, Leesburg and Tampa. I understand this show also draws artists from the “bigger” shows along the gulf coast. I saw very interesting work and wish I could have spent more time looking at and talking with them.

Following the show, I had the opportunity to do some photography at Cedar Key Nat’l Wildlife Refuge. There I captured images of a great egret used for new work, pictures of purple wild orchids and a racoon peeking at me from behind a tree. We visited Manatee Springs State Park and  also went to Crystal River where I got some great shots of a friendly pelican at the county park on Fort Island Trail.

To sum up my trip to Cedar Key: weather was great, scenery awesome, show was fine, and the trip a complete success.

Next newsletter is reviewing work-in-progress for upcoming shows: May 12-13 (Mother’s Day weekend) Lakeland, FL and May 26-27 Blairsville, Georgia in the north Georgia mountains.

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2 Responses

  1. Karen Wares
    April 25, 2018

    I would live to take a class from you. Your work is beautiful.

    • Jan Herman
      April 25, 2018

      Thank you for the comment. I am considering a free online blog dedicated just to thread painting … the way I approach it. I will keep you in mind and let you know when I get that going.


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