Commissioned Art and Library Exhibit

This post covers my recent commissioned artwork, an upcoming library exhibit and Mountain Bicycler painting in process. All are new to me this year and quite exciting.

Commissioned Textile Art

 I have a few commissions for custom art I am working on now, but it all started with a photo of a landscape in Maine. During my first couple years at art shows, if anyone asked about “special” work, I said, “no.” I was afraid and unsure how to handle it. In fact, I wouldn’t even agree to ship anything. 

How times have changed. I not only welcome the challenge of making textile art to represent a scene I never saw, or, an animal I have never drawn; I welcome it. Yeah. Special art created for a special person. That I love. I am able to approach commissioned art in a special way and give it “special” time.

I have created an information page about commissioning art. You can read about it, here. 

Oceans to Mountains Series, continued

Mountain biker. In painting process.

Mountain Bicycler: This is my featured image and from an old digital photo. To begin I have sketched out a picture on cotton. Next, I dry-brush watercolor to cover resist lines and add detail.  Soon it will be time to mix watercolors to match the thread colors I have selected. In this piece, I want the bicycler and aspens to stand out from the background. So, after thread painting the aspens and bicycler over heavy stabilizer, I will quilt the background to finish.  Mountain Bicycler will be matted and framed. Its first showing will be at a October fiber show in Leesburg.  As a result, this piece is on hold for Leesburg and not available for sale.

Lake Wales Library

For the month of September, I have agreed to display my fiber, aka. textile art at the Lake Wales Library. The library is located at 290 Cypress Garden Lane, Lake Wales, Florida.

Information Board for library exhibit

According to Wanda, I will have a 19 foot wall space to hang my work for display for the month. I have made an information board to explain what I do as well as why and how I do it.

Creating the information board took me to rewriting my “artist’s statement” and carrying that through to other website’s pages. In an effort to be somewhat uniform, you may note that my About Textile Art page has changed.

The library display is unpriced. I will be leaving a price list with library personnel and donating a portion of any sale to the library. This applies only to what is hanging in the library. To purchase anything there during September, the buyer has to call me and purchase with a credit card over the phone. 


It is easy to get really busy with updating a website, working on commissions and making more artwork for next season … and, then forgetting to sign up for next seasons art shows. 



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