Commissioned Textile Art

Commissioned Textile Art from Janet Herman

For (almost) everything special …

Contact me at for detailed information on how you can have a custom textile art commissioned by me. Or, leave a message at my studio phone: 863-874-4316. I will return your call. 

My custom art would be an interpretation of your photographs,* not a reproduction, copy or exact color match. Click to read my artist’s statement.

Commissioned Parrot. Sold.

Below is some general information:

What I prefer to not do: people or pets. My free motion embroidery is very textured. It is not well suited to peoples face’s and some animals. If your request is “out of my wheelhouse,” I will tell you so. I may give you options to consider.  It is not my intent to hold you to a commission where I am unsure of the outcome. 

Sizes and Time

Finished art sizes can range from as small as 8×10 inches up to16x20 inches. I will need clear photos* sent from you along with a small deposit to begin your artwork. When I have completed the watercolor painting (normally 2-3 weeks), I will email a photo. At this point you need to have decided if you want me to provide the work framed, or not. Also, you need to pay 50% of the balance on the artwork. When the art is complete, and optionally framed, (3-4 weeks) I will notify you with an email photo of the framed piece and the balance due, less shipping. Time to get all this done depends on several factors: size of the piece, is it during the art season (November-May) and what other commissions I have lined up to do ahead of yours. 


My standard frame is a solid basswood, farmhouse style that I can stain to suit the artwork or your preference. I include double mats, Museum Glass and hanging hardware. I will work with a local framer for special frames.

Important: Textile art should not be placed in a high humidity area (like a bathroom) or out on the patio. My framing technique for textiles is to protect the art. If you prefer purchasing the art without a frame, I highly recommend you take it to a professional framer.


What will it cost? As an estimate, your custom art is $3.00 per square inch of the art. An 8×10 art piece (80 square inches) would be $240 plus tax (if applicable). Plus, adding a standard 11×14 farmhouse frame package that includes double mats and Museum Glass, would be about $65 for a total of $305 plus tax (if applicable) and shipping. My prices can change at any time. You will receive a written agreement from me for commissioned art that needs to be signed and returned with the initial deposit. 

For more information on buying art, click here.

*About Copyrights

Commissioned landscape. Sold.

The photos you send for me to use for artwork must be photographs you took with your camera or phone. If a photo was taken by someone else,  please get written permission or include their contact information.  As is common, I retain copyright to the art, but not the photo. The person that took the photo retains copyright to that photo and will be credited on the artwork.

Photos taken off the internet, copied from a book, magazine or any other source are not acceptable.

I would love the opportunity and challenge of making a special art piece for you!

Comments welcome.

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