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The Jury is In Review

All of the fine art/fine craft shows I participate in with my textile art are juried. That means I need to submit photos of my work and my booth and wait for acceptance to be in the event. The reason for all this is to ensure the artwork shown at the event is actually made by the artist, who must be present. In addition, there are frequently more applicants than there are spaces allotted to artists. So, the jury sometimes has to make decisions on who to include and who is not included. Sometimes, we are put on a waiting list.

If you wish to contact me regarding an art show event, the best way is to email

My “category” may be fiber art or mixed media. 

Following is a list of shows where my art will be exhibited and offered for sale. 

I add shows in order by date with the last ones at the top, going in backwards order.


Fine Art & Fine Craft Shows for 2020

It is not likely I will be in all these shows. Some art events have double or triple the number of applicants for booth spaces that will be allowed. If you have been following my winter line up, please continue to watch as I add and change art shows. Maybe its not the best idea to include the “maybes” but I want you to know that I may potentially be at certain shows in your area … however, it is not guaranteed that I will be one of the lucky ones accepted. 

January 25-26, 2020 – Saturday & Sunday
Carroll Swayze’s 33rd Annual
Engelwood Bank & Trust Invitational

60 fine artists
(on the grounds of Engelwood Bank & Trust)
1111 S. McCall Road (State Road 776), Englewood, Florida

February 8-9, 2020 – ArtsFest Stuart
Presented by the Arts Council of Martin County
Located at Memorial Park, 300 E. Ocean Blvd, Stuart, Florida

Pend confirmation:
Fine Arts Festival of Manatee County

February 21-22, 2020 at Bradenton, FL

 Pend confirmation:
Leesburg Artfest
March 14-15, 2020 at Leesburg, FL

Pend confirmation:
Central Park Art Festival
March 21-22, 2020 at Winter Haven, FL

 Pend confirmation:
Cedar Key Old Florida Art Fair
April 4-5, 2020

Pend confirmation:
Mainsail Art Festival, St. Petersburg, Florida
April 18-19, 2020

Pend confirmation:
Mayfaire-by-the-lake, Lakeland, FL
May 9-10, 2020


2019 Fine Art & Fine Craft Shows

 Nov. 9-10th: 46th Annual Temple Terrace Arts & Crafts Festival
Woodmont Park, Temple Terrace, FL (Award 2nd place Mixed Media)

Not an art festival, but my artwork was on display at the
Lake Wales Library from Sept. 3rd through Sept. 30th in Lake Wales, Florida. 

Also, not an art festival but my artwork was on display
during the month of October at the
Leesburg, Florida Art Gallery as part of a fiber exhibit. 

April 27-28th: Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, FL
April 13-14th: Hibiscus Festival Fine Art and Fine Craft Show,
March 30-31st: Winthrop Arts Festival, Riverview, Florida
March 16-17th: Victor Smith Law Group Central Park Art Festival, Winter Haven, Florida
March 9-10th: Leesburg 42nd Annual Art Festival, Leesburg, FL (Merit Award)
Feb. 23-24th: Citizens Bank & Trust Lake Wales Art Festival, Lake Wales, Florida
Feb. 16-17th: Lido Beach Fine Arts Festival, Sarasota, FL
January 19-20th: Suncoast Arts Festival

2018 Fine Art & Fine Craft Shows 

December 8-9: Winter in the Park at Vero Beach, FL. Located at Riverside Park, Vero Beach.
Nov. 24-25 (Thanksgiving Weekend): 53rd Saint Augustine Art & Craft Festival
Nov. 3rd & 4th: Halifax Art Festival, Downtown Riverfront Park, Daytona Beach Florida.
May 12 & 13: MidFlorida Mayfaire By-The-Lake, Lakeland, Florida .
March 24 & 25: Old Florida Celebration of the Arts, Cedar Key, Florida
March 17 & 18: 40th Annual Central Park Art Festival by Ridge Art Association
March 10 & 11: 41st Annual Leesburg Art Festival.
Feb. 24 & 25: Citizens Bank & Trust Lake Wales Arts Festival 2018. 

2017 Fine Art & Fine Craft Shows
April  7-  8:    Florida Mosaic by Osceola Arts, Kississimee, Florida
March  25-26:   Winthrop Arts Festival & Artisan Market at Riverview, FL
March 11-12:   Leesburg Art Festival, Leesburg, Florida
March  4-  5:   Bloomin’ Arts Festival, Bartow, Florida
February 24-25:  Fine Arts Festival of Manatee County, Bradenton, Florida
February 18-19:  Citizen Bank & Trust Lake Wales Art Festival, Lake Wales, Florida
January   22-23:  Suncoast Arts Fest, Wesley Chapel, Florida

2016 and prior

Getting started was a learning process. Beginning in 2015 as I participated in local exhibits I learned that not all art shows are alike and to be selective in where to exhibit my particular brand of creativity. Humorously, I learned to avoid art exhibits as a feature of a music venue with wine tasting, car show, craft show or flea market.  I have done all these.

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