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This is why Jan changed from the old craft website to


Have you have wandered onto this website from “”  You may be wondering why I changed my website from crafts to a textile art theme and a new name. 

The answer is simple.

I needed to change my website in order to separate from my crafts vision and concentrate wholely on my textile art vision. I found there is quite a difference in the mindset of “crafters” and “artists.” In my case, someone trying-to-be-an-artist. 

Please enjoy my new website. It focuses on my paint & thread textile art, my presentation at fine art shows and how I got to this point. I’d love for you to sign up for my newsletter if you are interested in textile art in nature or if you want to do this yourself. Join along. 

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Attitude adjustment

Being the new art-minded Jan involves: planning my art in series, looking at the art market for textile art, visioning the world around me and how my art fits. In a nutshell: crafting, in my mind was finding ONE bit of art and repeating it over-and-over.  


I am an avid DIYer. It is up to me to research my vision and evaluate my business. My website and business name had to change. The name “Hermans Cabin” fit my quilted products vision but not my textile art vision. I simplified by going with to represent me and my textile art.

The history of Hermans Cabin

My husband Ken and I traveled fulltime for 15 years throughout the U.S. in what we lovingly referred to as our 40 foot long rolling cabin, aka. Hermans Cabin. Our rolling cabin took us all around the country. I was fortunate to spend endless hours experimenting with photography as we traveled back country trails by foot or four-wheel drive vehicle. We worked for the forest service in Montana and as staff at campgrounds in Maine, California, Idaho, Arizona and Colorado. These 3 to 4 month stays gave us the opportunity to emerse ourselves in the area’s backcountry trails. Then, we settled in what is now our home in Florida. The rolling cabin doesn’t roll as often but is nearby if we need it. 

As soon I had the space to create crafts and develop my artwork, my craft room became the new Hermans Cabin. This is where everything started to come together: the photography, the sewing, the painting.

I have accumulated years of images on my computer and in my head that I want to share with everyone through my medium: paint and thread. 

Thank you for reading my first post on  Your comments are welcome. 


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