When deciding how to set up my textile art website I had to decide:

  • am I including absolutely everything in my portfolio?
  • is everything going to be available as a print?
  • shall I show my portfolio separated as series?

I decided to show everything I have created in my portfolio during my season so you can see where my artistic passions are.  My “season” runs fall-winter-spring in Florida. At the end of my “season” I will delete sold works from the portfolio pages and start new, adding new images as I create them during the summer months. 

Reproduction prints of sold artwork may be available for purchase from my SHOP.  

In any case, my shop will be forever changing as art is sold at the shows, from my studio and new pieces are made. Please keep checking in to see what is new. 

Printed images of textile art?

I will create reproductions of most of my works. Currently, I am only able to provide 5×7 and 8×10 reproduction inkjet prints. 

I personally create all of the reproductions. This is an opportunity to use my lightroom equipment to create digital images to capture as much depth as I can. The images are refined by me in Photoshop before printing. 

My inkjet printer is a Canon Pro-100. It uses quality, high resolution and long lasting ink. I use Red River Paper Canvas (matte) paper or Blanco Matte Canvas to print on and seal (most) reproductions with acrylic spray for their protection. I use Crescent paper mats to protectively sandwich the printouts and slip them into a cellophane envelope. All are numbered and signed and shipped flat in a ridged envelope. 

Register, please

By registering for my newsletter on the BLOG page, it lets me know that someone has been here and is interested in my work. You can follow my progress and new thread paintings as I post. 

I would love to know what you think. Feel free to add your comment. 


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