Lake Wales Arts Festival Review

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Reviewing sales: It’s all about the birds! Here are a few of my original works that sold at Lake Wales. If you are receiving this post for the first time, welcome. Thank you for signing up at the Lake Wales Arts Festival. 

Lakes Wales Arts Festival February 24-25th – Lake Wales, Florida
My 2nd year

This year’s booth spot at the Lake Wales Arts Festival was #84, facing the lake. My booth neighbors were a fine artist whose work I stared at all weekend, Jenny’s waterfall leaves that I listened to all weekend, and a photographer whose work won him $1000. Next to me was a jeweler that sold handcrafted jewelry featuring copper and other metals. I purchased long dangling earrings for myself. Support your local artists, I say!

This is a general review of the art show from my perspective.

Ken (mostly Ken) and I set up our booth Friday and enjoyed the evening Luau buffet and entertainment. Our commute home is 45 minutes back country driving from Lake Wales. Commuting and parking is convenient and easy for this art event. 

Even though we set up Friday, there is lots for me to do Saturday morning before open. It usually takes two hours for me to unpack, hang, straighten and tag all my work. Reviewing Saturday, kudos to the organizers for bringing cold bottled water and cookies to the artists.  It seems most artists leave their work up overnight. However, my textile art needs to come down and get packed in bags and boxes to protect it from the moist air. Setting it all up Sunday morning is a breeze as hooks and tags are all in place. Unless, of course, I change my mind on what will go where. 


The bottom line

Traffic into my booth was busy all weekend. Sales were good. I was pleased with quilters showing an interest in my work and purchasing greeting cards and reproductions as inspiration.

Owl with head turned or tucked. It’s gone!

I encourage all that want to try their hand at creative painting on fabric and using a sewing machine to thread paint. There are classes and books on thread painting. I would love to see more people explore this mixed-up medium. I prefer books, internet research and learning by doing it myself. 

On Sunday I took a few photos of a baby owl and parent high up in a tree near my booth. My Nikon’s compact zoom lens and lack of a tripod limited me from capturing the image I wanted.  The white head of a baby owl barely peeked over its nest in the crotch of the tree WAY up and away from spectators. I believe that may a great horned owl higher up. I can’t tell by the photo. 

I had a great time at the Lake Wales Arts Festival and hope I had the opportunity to see you there. Check out my art show page to see what is coming up. To automatically receive show reviews and my blog, please register.

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