Leesburg Art Festival

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If you are receiving this blog for the first time: thank you for signing up at the Leesburg Art Festival. I noticed one person was signing up her friend. If that is you, and this isn’t your cup-o-tea, you can unsubscribe below! I did hear there was a problem posting a comment to my site. If you also have any problem posting a comment, email me personally to hermanscabin@gmail.com. Thanks.

First, I like to summarize show sales: Men. Most sales of original art this weekend were to men or initially inspired by the husband, boy-friend, whatever. I don’t know why that is, do you? A few of the original pieces that went to new homes:

Saturday at the show was a delightful, busy day talking to sewers and quilters and all the wonderful folk who are full of compliments. I love you all. Many purchased notecards as inspiration. Please! Be inspired. If you create a piece, bring it to me at a show or capture a photo on your phone, so I can see your creation. We can inspire each other.

Upcoming Art Events
As you read this, I will already have done the March 16-17 Central Park Art Festival in Winter Haven. My first post should have gone out March 5th but sat in “pending” status with the software company that turns blogs-into-newsletters. Sigh: it took a while to figure it out.

Next weekend, March 24-25 is up in Cedar Key, Florida at the Old Florida Art event. I have never participated in that art show and I am excited to see new territory. Yesterday, I received an email to say I am accepted in the Mayfaire Art Festival in Lakeland, May 12-13. That is Mother’s Day weekend. If you are still in Florida then, please stop by and say “hi!”

More about the Leesburg Art Festival
The two judges that came around at the Leesburg Art Festival each selected different pieces from my booth to compete for an award. The man chose “Rose Gold Eagle Feather” for its simplicity. The woman judge selected “Pink Fog Bryce.” While flattering, selection doesn’t mean getting an award.  Selection for judging means only that they thought enough of my art to include it among those to be judged for an award. Well, I didn’t win an award, but I did enjoy attending the Saturday evening banquet put on for the artists.

Earring Report and more …
It seems to be a pattern with me. Early Saturday I find earrings I love at a neighboring artist’s booth. If I make a profit; those earings are mine! This time, my jeweler neighbor was Laurie who makes mixed metal jewelry. You can see her beautiful work at Yessy.com and search for Laurie Onufer. We also had a great time visiting with booth neighbor, Carol Elder Napoli. Absolutely stunning art and really nice people.

To summarize, the show was a success and enjoyable. Next up: my very brief review of the Sewing & Quilt Expo in Lakeland Florida and my comments about the Central Park Art Festival. Please comment below, if you can.




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