Lido Key art show – and others

In the 8 weeks since I last posted, much has happened. In addition to finishing a new series, I participated in the Lido Key art show – and others.

Wildflower Series

Creek Trail Flowers is one my new textile art pieces. This 12×16 artwork framed in gold leaf was introduced first at the Suncoast Art Festival at Wesley Chapel, Florida. Four smaller wildflower pieces, also framed in gold leaf, accompany its display.
American Bistort – Pink
American Bistort – White

Suncoast Art Festival – January 2019

The original inspiration for my wildflower series came from a photograph I took in northern California along a four-wheel-drive trail. While laying on my stomach on large flat blue-gray rocks, I took many photos of a field of wildflowers with a background of whitewater and those gorgeous rocks. The background is hand painted cotton with watercolors. The water and rock detail was quilted before adding the foreground wildflowers.

We participated in the Suncoast Art Festival at the Wiregrass Mall in Wesley Chapel. I had the pleasure of meeting many people who stopped by to chat and look around between running errands at the mall. The weather was perfect on Saturday. I do not know the advertising that goes on for this event, but of all the people that could have come; well, they did not. On Sunday, weather was cold and very windy resulting in a lackluster event.

Winter in Jonesport – commissioned art

I had the pleasure of creating a commissioned art piece for a couple I met at the Saint Augustine Art Festival last fall. This textile art is a wedding gift replicating a landscape photo taken in Maine. As a former northern Illinoian, I know all about winter. As a former snowmobiler, I know about snow in pine trees and frozen lakes as I traveled the trails in Wisconsin. My northwoods background contributed to making this a joy to create.

Winter in Jonesport – a commissioned work completed in February 2019.

Lido Key Art Show

This Lido Key Art Show happened on February 16-17, 2019 in Sarasota, Florida. This is the first time I have participated in a Paragon event. This art show was a great event for me.

It was nice seeing so many young families at the art show. It was even nicer to have many of them show interest in my textile art.

Lake Wales Art Show

The next weekend of February 23-24 I participated in the Lake Wales art show for the 3rd year in a row. The Lake Wales art show is usually well attended. Low attendance this year may have been due to unusually hot weather for Florida in February and the many events going on in the area. Even with lower than usual attendance, I did meet some of my customers from prior years.

Here is a new theory I am debating: returning year-after-year to participate in favorite shows may not be a good idea. Since I have already booked myself into another show I will be participating in for a 3rd consecutive year … I hope my new theory is not proven true. I sense spacing shows in alternate years gives me more time to present new series of textile art.

Getting ready for March art shows

Coming up are 3 art shows in march. Check out my listing. To prepare for these shows I am making five new 5×10 textile art feathers to have ready for the Leesburg show. If I have enough time, I would like to create another owl on black canvas.

I have work to do!

Have a great day,
Janet Herman

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