March Art Madness

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Leesburg Again

This was a 3rd time for the Annual Leesburg Art Show on March 9-10th. The reason I returned to Leesburg again … is because I have a very good time. Even though I could commute the one hour drive, I get a hotel because I like to visit the local “establishments” after the Friday PM setup and then there is the Saturday night artist banquet.

The weather was a bit warmer than usual for early March in Florida. It was much like the Lake Wales show: I melt. There were comments that the crowd was “off” from previous years, but I don’t really know for sure. Fortunately, some previous customers came and one took home a friend for her “Orchid.”

Lillium Matrix; aka. tiger lily.

This tiger lily was matted and reframed into one of my basswood “farmhouse” frames for the Leesburg show. I think the gold leaf frames, while admired by some, are just not that popular. I’m always taking chances. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

That leads me to the subject of frames in general. Over the past three years I have experimented with a variety of frames. They are integral to my work and important for protection of my art. However … investing TOO much into a frame would not be wise. I feel it is better to make it nice but leave room for the art buyer to invest in custom framing at their local framer, to their hearts desire.

Fish & Feathers

Prime Eagle Feather- SOLD

Six new feathers were introduced this season for my new Fish & Feathers Series. This is one of the 5×10 inch framed feathers. They sell to art buyers as quick as I can create them.

The reason for these pieces is five-fold: frames are sturdy enough to hang on wall or sit on shelf; small enough to pack in a suitcase without glass or to ship; they are fun and quick (relatively) to make; and I can offer it for around $100.

I have created the last two to have at the Winter Haven show on March 16-17th. I am out of the special frames I ordered.

At the Reef: Butterfly Fish – SOLD

My last two of the six fish I made for the “Fish & Feathers” series will be at the Winthrop Art Festival on March 30-31st.

Final note on Leesburg: I received a Merit Award for the work, “Limpkin.” Always nice to get recognition. I have searched and cannot find a photo handy. I’m sure there is one ….somewhere.

And then there was Winter Haven

Creek Trail Wildflowers. 12×16 thread painted art quilt. Gold leaf frame. SOLD

March 16-17 was the Victor Smith Law Group’s Ridge Art Festival in downtown Winter Haven, FL. This a repeat show for me as I was here last year. Like 2017, this year my sales were mostly to art buyers that saw my work first at the Lake Wales show. On Saturday “Creek Trail Flowers” was sold to Bonnie who plans to put this artwork in her Ohio home. I was sort of sorry to see it go as I have only had it on display for a few shows. I am glad that it has gone to someone who appreciates my work and is hoping to try her hand at textile art herself. On Sunday there were a few sales, the weather was great and I bought myself a lovely ring with a turmeline (sp) stone from my neighbor.

Finally, Winthrop Town Center

March 30-31st marked the end of March for art shows. This time I was a 45 minute commute from home to Riverview, Florida. After Friday’s set up, Ken and I “wined and dined” at the Greek restaurant in the Winthrop Town Center. Loved the scallops. We were in no hurry to get back onto the freeways towards home during Friday rush hour(s).

Saturday’s show opened slow and continued slow all day. The event included 70-some art/craft/commercial/buy-sell vendors along with a few spaces occupied by children’s exhibits. Given comments by a few attendees from the local area, they weren’t expecting much. Personally, I felt like I was at a school function. The quality of art ranged from “you must be kidding” to “fabulous.” Awards were given to two mixed media artists that usually win everywhere they show up with their work. Mostly, I worked on my tan and visited with neighboring artsy people. They were the best part of this event other than the lovely lady that purchased a small original piece, Judy Z. who commissioned me to make a parrot piece for her and Christine, who purchased a photo print.

Of course, I do spend the day explaining what I do and why I do it. Really, I don’t mind. I would rather do that than watch people walk past all day and never ask.

Enough of March. On to April and two more shows to do. I have finished one new piece for the Hibiscus Festival in Vero Beach, FL, April 13-14 in the historic downtown area on 14th Street. Finally, April 27-28 we will be at the Lakewood Ranch art show, Bradenton, FL. I am still on the waiting list for Mayfaire in Lakeland for Mother’s Day. If I don’t hear in the next couple weeks I will assume I am not included. On that note, I talked to several others that participated in the show in 2018 but were also on the waiting list this year. Hmmm. Since that event is local to me, I’ll have to go over and see who and what kind of work was accepted into the show.

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