Original Art Pricing and How to Buy

Buying my framed textile art

Over the past several years I would only sell my textile art, in person, at fine art shows.  I didn’t want the complication of keeping the portfolio up-to-date on my website or struggling with shipping. But last year I had so many requests to ship artwork, I got used to the idea. So, I am now making it possible to view an up-to-date portfolio on my website and buy the framed art direct from me without going to an art show. However, it still requires more than clicking “order” and entering a credit card number. Because, we need to talk or email about the logistics.

Keeping the web site current, though; I will have to work hard on that. Click here to link to the portfolio. 

Are you interested in owning an original piece shown on one of the portfolio pages? I am so excited!

I am sure you want to know the price. You can match the art title on a portfolio page to the list on the bottom of this page to find the selling price. Are you concerned about ordering from me? Here are some details to help make the decision comfortable.

“Hibiscus” textile art. Framed/glazed 15×18.

Who makes the artwork?  Janet Herman. Do you stitch this by hand? No. I stitch it with a basic sewing machine. If it were even possible to stitch this by hand, the price and time to make would more than quadruple. Where do you ship from? Janet’s non-smoking, non-pet home near Polk City, Florida.  Can I return it if it isn’t what I thought it would be? Yes, but we should both hope that does not happen. 

Here are details on ordering.

The price list is at the bottom of the page.

If I could LINK this information to pictures in the gallery, I would.



There is only one of each art piece and its sale could happen at any time. I can try to create a “similar” piece to a sold original. For that, see commissioned textile art.

Email me at Jan@janhermanart.com to verify that artwork you are interested in buying is available. Emails reach me everywhere. If you prefer to phone, leave a message at my studio at 863-874-4316 and I will return your call.  Then, we would then exchange cell phone numbers and addresses for better contact. Major credit cards are accepted and I will accept checks. Of course, sales tax must be added to anything shipping to a Florida address. If you wish, you may arrange an appointment to view and purchase the art from my home studio; or, if you live in central Florida I may be able to deliver.

Packaging to ship

I double box the art and include massive amounts of bubble wrap. Boxing framed art with glass will add from $5 to $30 depending upon size. This is added to the art.


It has been my experience that UPS shipping, with insurance, of an 11×14 framed piece will be about $25; a 16×20 framed piece will be $40 or more. UPS shipping is the only way to ship art where insurance is allowed.  In most cases I can ship within three days. You will be charged separately for the exact shipping charge.

Gift Shipping

I will gift wrap your art purchase and ship to any location in continental USA. I will even include a note card with your sentiments. There is normally no charge for this.


While I understand “returns” can happen, if the return is just a change of heart, or it doesn’t match the couch, I expect you to pay for the shipping both ways.  If the reason for return is my fault, I will refund your purchase in full. Refer to my “Terms and Conditions” page here

Shipping on Approval

This is popular among galleries with established clients who purchase art in the thousands of dollars. The “buyer” is responsible for paying shipping both ways.

 Price List on Original Textile Art as of June 1, 2019

The price given includes my standard farmhouse style basswood two inch wide, 3/4″ thick frame, double acid-free paper mats, Tru-Vue Museum Glass, Tyvek backing paper and hanging hardware. These are the original pieces currently included on my portfolio pages. Prices are exclusive of shipping charges and applicable state taxes. 

These prices are the same as they would be at an art show. Plus, the shipping cost is the same as it would be if you had requested your purchase be shipped home while visiting me at an art show.

      • Blue Throat Hummingbird 8×10 Textile Art, double matted, in 11×14 standard frame, as shown: $240
      • Blue Jay Landing 11×14 Textile Art, triple matted, in 16×20 standard frame, as shown: $440
      • Wood Thrush 5×7 Textile Art, double matted, in 8×10 standard frame, as shown: $118
      • Ibis on Beach 8×20 Textile Art in 8×20 custom cream/gold frame, as shown $440
      • Dancing on Sand 8×20 Textile Art in 8×20 custom cream/gold frame, as shown $440
      • Scrub Jay 5×7 Textile Art, double matted in 8×10 dark gray glazed frame, as shown: $118
      • Rosy Finch 5×7 Textile Art, double matted in 8×10 dark gray glazed frame, as shown: $118
      • Eagle’s View 8×10 Textile Art, double matted in standard frame, as shown: $240
      • American Bistort Wildflower 5×7 Textile Art, double matted in white standard frame, as shown $118
      • Chickory Vibrations 5×7 Textile Art, double matted in white standard frame, as shown: $118
      • Painted Feather 5×10 Textile Art in custom 5×10″ 1″ thick wood frame without glass, as shown: $118
      • Wind Feather 5×10 Textile Art in custom 5×10″ 1″ thick wood frame without glass, as shown: $118
      • Pelican Splashdown 8×10 Textile Art double matted in 11×14 black glazed standard frame, as shown: $240
      • Victorian Bonnet Feathers 5×7 Textile Art, double matted in 8×10 white frame, as shown: $118
      • The Blue Ridge 13×17 Textile Art double matted in 16×20 white glazed frame, as shown: $590

Availability and above descriptions and prices could change at any time. Please verify. This listing does not include all of my original art. I have  more artwork  that is pending photography. 

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