Plays Well With Others

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“Plays well with others” means my framed textile art can stand alone or in a group.

Textile art titled “Blue Ridge” reframed and initial work to new series called, Oceans to Mountains.

I have had positive comments from others that feel my artwork and framing style blends with many other styles.  Below are “Embrace” on the top and “Sunset Heron” below. To the right I am featuring my first bicycle-related piece called, “Ride to the Edge.”  All artwork has museum glass and my rustic frames, some white, some glazed.

Group of three from new series, Oceans to Mountains.



Among the Oceans to Mountains series for 2019-2020 I have recently completed two seascapes: The first seascape is titled “Awakening” literally because I had just woken up, grabbed my camera and shot out the door.  I was amazed by the blues among the black night and golds of this early morning dark. 

“Awakening” seascape 12×16 matted to wood frame. OD 20×24 inches. Available.

The seascape below is titled “Sunrise Gold” because of the effect by the sun peeking just a bit more over the horizon; enough to light the sky. Yet the sand was dark and footprints were heavily shadowed on the high beach. Along the shore moguls of sand had built up due to heavy waves the night before. The sun cast a spotlight on the sand and a large tree stump with roots cast up to the high shore during a storm many years before. However, it offered me refuge from the wind and blowing sand. 

I have imagined these pieces will play well in a home with a beachy decorator vibe. 

Sunrise Gold seascape 12×16 art. Outside dimensions 20×24. Available.

There are a number of additional works I have in mind to do related to the Oceans to Mountains series. The next one I expect is going to be critically difficult so I am not announcing it yet. Once the larger piece is painted, I like to paint smaller works along with it … If for no other reason than to use up my pallet of hues rather than wash them down the drain.  I save smaller works for finishing between shows during the season. For me, the season begins in November. 

Of course there must be birds! 

Adding to my new works is also an egret. This egret was photographed near Cedar Key, Florida. See the little fishy? 

“Anticipation” textile art 9×12 inches in wood frame. OD 15×18 inches. Available.

It is time to put this post to bed and get to work sketching my new piece. If you found your way to my web page, thank you. And, I hope to see you at a Florida art show this fall-winter.  


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