Reframing Past Work

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Reframing Past Textile Artwork

Yes, I do reframe my work. At the end of each winter season of art festivals they must all be cleaned and part of the process is reframing past work. I take out the glass, make sure dust has not entered the frame, clean and sometimes wax the wood frames. I go over the artwork and make sure all is well. In a few cases I removed the textile art from the mounting, remounted or even recut the piece to fit in a smaller frame … because I feel the landscape is distracting and that is the only way of deleting it. In effect, I  cropped the picture … but it is not always that simple.

Lakeside Florida textile landscape, 17×21. Open mounted with acrylic painted canvas mat. Available.

Especially because my work is textile, it requires some thought to its care when it is exposed to outside elements at art festivals. I am sure any media displayed at art festivals is subjected to brutal conditions never endured when hanging in someone’s living room. Thus, I doubt reframing past work is unique to me. 

This project is a good time to look at new framing materials, the glass I use and whether I should “go without glass.” I like glass over my textile art pieces but it is quite expensive. Even though I use the best glass on the market for clarity, there is something lost when not just having the textile in the open. I like to use mats with my art to extend its reach and provide a frame for my work. Typical paper mats won’t hold up in the open.  I experimented with, and now use, canvas covered mats that I paint with acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium. They are firm, provide a barrier from the art to the frame and, I believe, add to the feeling of the textile piece. 

I will only do this to certain works; those where the landscape or textile image has been painted with acrylics, such as “Lakeside Florida” pictured here. 

Changing my mind

I  am not reframing work just to take away the glass. Sometimes, the textile work just needs a different frame. After all … I have been staring at it all day in art festivals and often rethink my work. Of course, this could drive me nutty if I rethink everything at every show. I try not to get too caught up in that, but while I have things apart, it is a good time to take action. 

Fit with a new body of work

Don’t be surprised to see my work “change its clothes” when I begin a new season. Sometimes the framing and matting of a body of work was chosen to unify a theme. Then, as pieces get sold, I may have a couple works at the end of the season. To bring them into a new body of work (if possible), I may need to remat and reframe the pieces. 

Out of Body Experiences

Once in awhile I make something totally alien to my nature and wildlife body of work.

Playful Angel textile art over hand painted background in open mount frame. Mat and fillet are acrylic painted canvas. Available.

Here, Playful Angel, was created because I love Christmas.

Made December 2018, it started with a few thumbnail sketches where I imagined a young girl backstage after dressing for a church Christmas play. I still have “Playful Angel” which has been recently reframed and will be included at a November art festival near Tampa. 

There were other “out of body of work” textile pieces over the years; most were commissions I was requested to make as special work. I enjoy the challenge of working away from leaves, trees and ponds on occasion but I always drift back to what brought me to create this textile work in the first place. 

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