The art of Sewing for art

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In this post, I am catching up on a few key points in “the art of sewing for art.” First, thanks to all that have signed up to receive my blog. If you are a first-timer, welcome. Did you go to the Sewing Expo in Lakeland last week? What did you think?  And, last weekend the Central Park Art Show in Winter Haven had a surprise for me!

If you read my last post, you know about Leesburg. I’ll recap for those whose names I forgot to add to the list: the show was great. I found new homes for 6 original pieces. Most buyers were men. How about that? I have sold more than 30 thread painted feathers and only have one left.  You may find thread painting a feather a good place to start for an inital project. In the art of sewing for art. Don’t try to make your thread painting exactly match your prop or photo. That will be a struggle. Please, love those wiggly lines. Remember my motto: always forward, never back and never pull out threads.

Sewing Expo and Quilt Show – Lakeland, Florida
I’ll get the “cons” out of the way by saying $10 to park and $15 to get in is way too much. You can go online to their website and purchase a ticket for $8 but there is a $5 processing fee. So, is it worth it? Yes. If you want to talk to manufacturer representives and dealers of your sewing equipment about a problem you are having. Are you shopping for new equipment? This is a good place to get an overall of everyone’s features. Dealers do try to hard sell a “show only” deal. Maybe it’s a good deal, maybe not, but you need to have researched sewing equipment before going to the Expo.

Gobs of fabric. So many booths sell fabric and their version of fat quarters. All expensive. In the art of sewing for art, you can look for other ways to creatively express yourself and individuality without expensive fabrics. Try vintage shops and estate sales for tablecloths. My linen amoire is full and ready for “someday.” You are safe: I am not out shopping vintage any more. Try your hand at hand-dyed. You will love the results if the art you want to sew is a fabric collage.

I viewed the Quilt Expo hoping to see the Art of Sewing for Art in abundance. There were a few great works, but generally it was traditional, time honored designs.

Ridge Art Association’s – Central Park Art Festival
March 17-18 I participated in the Central Park Art Festival in Winter Haven, FL. My husband Ken and I set up Friday and attended the artist’s banquet held by the Victor Smith Law Group. Very nice.

Weather great, art sales poor. But then, I speak for me and artists I happened to speak to. We know it will be slow when the majority of people passing by are more interested in socializing their pets than looking in the booths. Neither left nor right would they turn their heads.

Jan Herman Award of Excellence 3/20/2018

Jan Herman Art Award

Thankfully, several came that saw me in Lake Wales. Trust me, there are “art communities” that take pride in original art. Lake Wales is certainly that. Fortunately, Ridge Art is still doing the work to put on an art show in downtown Winter Haven. I am sure they know that art sales are tough in this community. Their awards purse is very good and that keeps artists coming back. I was fortunate to get an “Award of Excellence.” I don’t often get awarded for my offbeat art so I was very surprised  — and thankful.

Today I am packing the motorhome for a trip to Cedar Key, Florida to participate in the Old Florida Celebration of the Arts. Not having been there, this is exciting for me. Be back in a week!

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