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You are right if you are thinking you haven’t heard from Jan Herman for awhile. It has been since May.

Last winter I spent mucho time studying how to blog, how to get control of SEO (site optimization or some such). I even bought a fancy “theme” to jazz up my website. Every web related task expanded to the take ALL of my time.

Understand, much of my previous life and money was invested in the early days of computing; to the point of doing my own programming. I no longer have patience for that. My focus is creative thought and I fight any task or person that steals my time away from it.   So, I decided to forget Facebook, Instagram and my website for awhile and let creative noise take over. Bonus for me:I have so many ideas for art I want to create that I can hardly sleep. Here are a few of my pencil sketches.

Pencil sketches for what is to come 2018-2019 art show season

I will continue to write about stuff when the muse hits me and leave it on my website. The only way to get my blog automatically is to sign up on my blog page.  Or, you can always visit www.JanetHermanArt.com read it.

Fall Art Shows

Shows start November 3-4 at Halifax in Daytona Beach. I will be introducting my Fins & Feathers line of framed 5 inch x 10 inch colorful thread paintings of butterfly fish and eagle feathers.  These happened in response to patrons request for small original pieces they could safely pack in a suitcase and others request for fish and those always popular feathers. So, there you are. I have started with ten pieces. Photos eventually.

For this coming season I have adopted the “Museum Glass or no glass” attitude. I want to present the best artwork I can and it is important to offer it with the best nonglare, UV protection. It is expensive as far as conservation glass goes. Fortunately, I still have a good source and while I have it, I will include it in everything under glass.

November 24-25 at St. Augustine Fine Art Festival I hope to have a few more Fins and Feathers ready and a few floral pieces that I am currently working on.

December 8-9 at Vero Beach, Florida I will be participating in the Winter in the Park Fine Art & Craft Show.

2019 Art Shows

For 2019 I have already applied to a couple shows I’ve never been to and am waiting to hear if I have been accepted. There are some every month January-May. I will post confirmed shows to my web page under “Fine Art Shows” if I am accepted.n.

Do have a wonderful day and I hope to see you again at an art festival.

Jan Herman

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